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The trowel is a hand-held tool used in masonry, gardening and archaeology.  It serves as a vital necessity in each of these respective disciplines. 

In masonry, it's used to apply mortar to bricks in order to build a structure.

In gardening, it's used to dig a shallow hole to bury a seed in order for it to grow.

And in archaeology, it's used to move aside dirt and sand in order to discover something new from years past.

Build. Grow. Discover.

In a similar vein, The Trowel Tribune serves as a tool to help its readers build, grow and discover, by creating original and unique stories, photographs and content.  Part history lesson, part trusted friend that always has thoughtful insight, perspectives and recommendations, we strive to fill a gap in the existing landscape of online publications aimed at men.

All of the stories we feature are original, told in our own voice and brought to life using our own photography.  Everything we feature is based on first hand experiences - each destination we've visited, any clothing items we've worn and all the food we've tasted. 

And everything we do is always with our three pillars in mind: Build. Grow. Discover.