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David Chang's Fuku

Josh Loring



Fuku is the home of popular chef David Chang's chicken sandwich and not much else.  The limited menu and narrow space is a departure from other spots under Chang's Momofuku empire, which typically feature more complex menus and long waits.  The fast/casual offering at Fuku makes it a strong candidate for an expansion into other markets outside of New York.


The menu at Fuku is displayed on a glowing board that is prominently featured on the wall when you first walk in.  There are a few variations of a chicken sandwich, one salad, fries and a variety of drinks.  The options and ingredients here are both simple and straightforward.  This past summer, at the U.S. Open, the chicken bacon sandwich commanded the longest line of all food vendors at the event.


If you aren't paying attention you'll probably walk right by it.  Fuku occupies a small hole in the wall on an uneventful stretch of First Avenue in New York city's East Village.  Just a couple doors down is Momofuku Noodle Bar, which was the first restaurant in Chang's arsenal, and where there is typically a crowd of people gathered out front waiting for ramen and pork buns.  New York sports fans can also enjoy Fuku when catching a game at Madison Square Garden and Citi Field.


Unlike many chicken sandwiches that are made using breast meat, Fuku features darker and fatter thigh meat, and the breading is on the crunchier side.  The chicken sits between a simple potato bun and on top of a few pickles.   The fries are dusted in a slightly spicy mixture and everything on the menu can be dipped in Ssam sauce, a house made Korean chili sauce that provides an added kick.  Make your meal a combo and wash it all down with a Tecate or Genesee for a very reasonable fifteen bucks.